A downloadable game for Windows

This is our first time using the Holo Lens, and we were able to make a game that retrieves Clickbait Article names, and actual News names.

The point of the game is to destroy or click on the clickbait and to remove it from the room. You can also destroy the actual world news too. Once all the clickbait has been destroyed, you will be shown the statistics of how many clickbait you destroyed, and how much news you accidently destroyed.

To run the program, you can try downloading the HoloLens emulator, we haven't actually tried that yet since we had the real thing to work with.

In the future, we will try to integrate some of our other assets, as a showcase of the assets that the rest of our team members made. The Holo Lens is very interesting as object placement changes for room to room, and you have to know how to scan a room, and use it's mesh data to help place your 3D objects.

Made by members of the Trent Game Dev Club (our site is down...)


Install instructions

Try getting the HoloLens emulator and to see if you can install the packages that we provided. Better yet, get a Holo Lens somehow and test it on that!


RealOrClickbait.rar 38 MB